Youth School for Sustainable Development of the Carpathians


Program name (donor) VGP Foundation
Project name in Ukrainian Youth School for Sustainable Development of the Carpathians
Project name in English Youth School for Sustainable Development of the Carpathians
Sector Environmental education
Project area Ukraine
Project duration 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2021
Schort description The main goal of the project is to develop and further implement an educational program for children and youth in the rural hinterland of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The project envisages that children will not only gain theoretical knowledge about environmental protection, but they will be involved in practical activities related to the development of this knowledge directly in nature. At the same time, we give young people the opportunity not only to gain practical experience, but also to try to develop a project and cooperation plan aimed at solving environmental problems through the joint efforts of local communities.
Project goals:·          show children all the diversity of forest protection factors as a complex ecosystem, including the full range of possible environmental behaviors of local communities to ensure such protection;·          demonstrate opportunities for cooperation of local territorial and religious communities with public and environmental activists to achieve common environmental goals and mobilize joint efforts;

·          to encourage children to independently understand the problems of forest ecosystems of the Carpathians, to find ways to protect them and to develop proactive projects and their implementation in practice in the future.

Target audience of the project: children of preschool and school age, students, experts, clergy, representatives of environmental NGOs, teachers, educators.


  1. The following publications are prepared and printed
  • Ecological fairy-tale «Bats»
  • Orthodox church-ecological calendar

  • Church-ecological calendar of Roman-Catholic Church

  1. The following events are conducted:
  • Information day “Roads of wooden gothic churches of Transcarpathia”
  • The action “Live Christmas tree for Christmas day”
  • Information day ” Wooden gothic churches along the roads of Transcarpathia”

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