Workshop on making swallow’s nests

An ecological and educational workshop on making swallow nests out of clay took place on the basis of the Berehovo public center “Everyone can help”. Well-known ornithologist and expert of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies Leonid Pokrytyuk told the children about the birds of the swallow family. Among them, the most common is the barn swallow. But her relative – the house martin is called a bird of 2022 by ornithologists.

Swallows are migratory birds. In autumn they leave their nesting places and fly away to warmer regions. All because we do not have enough food for them in the winter. Flying insects are the basis of food for these birds. Oddly, the swallow sheds after returning from warm regions. These birds live in colonies of 20-30 pairs, building nests close to each other.

During the workshop, the children made nests for swallows. How to do it right – recommendations were given by a professional ornithologist. After the nests are dry, they will be attached to a special structure. This will create a bird hotel for swallows. During the environmental and educational event, children learned a lot of interesting and useful information about the world of birds, their lives, and the challenges that nature puts before them. Participants also learned about the good deeds that everyone can do to protect the environment and take care of birds.

The event was held in cooperation with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies- IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (#NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

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