Working materials of trainings

Readers are provided with training materials that have been developed based on Western domestic experience and addressed to residents of local territorial communities and members of local religious communities that are influential in Transcarpathia. Experience as an everyday environmental behavior, integrated economic activity on the basis of sustainable development – green tourism, and ultimately – shared social and Christian values ​​of nature protection – responsibility for Creation are the basis of these materials. Fragments of the texts, examples of community activities, work assignments and materials of these discussions – all of them can be used by everyone – ativists, entrepreneurs, priests, leaders of parish councils, representatives of local self-government and simply indifferent to the environment.

UDC 502.211 (477.87-751.2): [352 :: 061]] – 044.332


Authors: Alexander Koval, Bogdan Motuzenko / Edited by Alexander Bokotey as part of the NABU (German Nature Conservation Union) project “Adaptation of local communities to the extension of Transcarpathian national parks by the joint efforts of Churches and community organizations” with the support of the German Foreign Ministry Tikhomirov Uzhhorod – 2019. – 89 p.

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