Tourist info center «Ostriky» (Synevyr) invites You to visit the informational exhibition «Aerial acrobats of the night»

Ostriky Tourist Info Center (TIC) is located on the way to Synevyr Lake, Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center and other places of interest of the National nature park. This info center provides information about the region in order to attract more tourists, helps the guests in navigation and effective planning their vacation. TIC has become an important ecological and educational platform, where visitors receive the information regarding environmental protection and rules of stay in the nature reserve. And now they are conducting this exhibition, devoted to the bats, for all visitors of TIC.

The exhibition is conducted as part of the project “Raising environmental awareness in local communities through the joint conservation of bats in the nature regions of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.” The overall goal of this project is to support the sustainable use of the natural environment in the cross border regions of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine by joint protecting bats through active conservation measures, public awareness campaigns and dissemination of best practices to local communities.

The project is implemented by the Association E-Consult Satu Mare in partnership with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies, the Society for the Protection of Bats of Slovakia and the Hungarian Association of Ornithology and Nature Protection and funded by the ENI Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

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