The workshop was held in order to draw attention to the conservation of owls

The barn owl is a very rare species. It is the least numerous in Ukraine among owls, and the main part of the species’ population is concentrated in the Berehovo district (Zakarpattia region). The expert of the IERS, ornithologist, Leonid Pokrytyuk held a workshop on origami – making a barn owl of paper in Berehovo. That was intended to draw the attention of young people and their parents to the importance of protecting and preserving this representative.

During the event, the children not only had a blast but also learned a lot of interesting things about the rare owl. The owl leads an exclusively nocturnal lifestyle and is an excellent hunter. Owl food is diverse, but most often these birds prey on rodents and shrews. Participants also had the opportunity to hear audio recordings of owls’ voices, as well as look at feathers, waxworks, and posters from the collection of ornithologist, Leonid Pokrytyuk.

All participants of the event did a great job: they made an owl out of paper. To sum up the event, young people received a brochure with an ecological story “Under the Owl’s Wing”, written by an expert from the IERS,  Natalia Humen-Bilanych. The event was held in cooperation with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies – IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (#NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

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