The Book of Prayers for Environmental Conservation of the Byzantine-Slavonic Rite

The edition contains a part of prayers, psalms, biblical and liturgical texts, prayers concerning the responsibility for creation – nature.

God’s creation – nature needs the care of the man in the sense that it is not primarily destroyed, and it is important to restore already contaminated or destroyed areas. But only the outward exhortation of man to help the creation of God is ineffective; it must be a profound inner conviction. Also, it is difficult for the man himself to change something in the course of history or in our case by something of his own to help God’s creation – Nature, so the Christian first of all asks for the help of the Creator, who knows best the laws that govern His Creation – Nature. Also, prayer changes the very “heart” of man, makes the thoughts pure, which is why such a prayer for the preservation of the environment is, in our opinion, necessary for all Christians and especially published in an international language.

The prayers of the Christian and the duty to conserve the Creation of God: the human soul and nature.
1. Social and ecological crises are a punishment for man’s sins, for the “love that grew cold”. According to the Gospel, there is no doubt that natural catastrophes begin from human breaches of the environment, due to the loss of love and implementation of earthly ideas and philosophies that lead to the “self-destruction of the word and of humans”.
2. God, who had promised to send a Messiah, fulfilled His promise through Christ Jesus. As He promised, God, who loves His Creation will come down to our universe as the Saviour.
3. The reaction of the corrupted world to the pious opinion of the righteous. The pious opinion of the righteous ones, who have kept their love as the most valuable jewel and who try to preserve nature, will become a dangerous rudiment of the wise ones, infected with the virus. The latter ones will represent the sacred opinion as a sign of political incorrectness, intolerance, unpredictability, and instability, and even as a threat to humanity.
4. The environmental concept of the Orthodox Church. The leadership of the Orthodox Church actively promotes the development of cooperation with governmental environmental organizations.
5. The principle of Christian asceticism, limits the needs of a person to the most necessary ones for life. ”
Among the prayers we have cited you will find prayers of repentance, prayers of glory, prayers of request, hymnographies, psalms, and the original acathistos of the early 20th century. The prayer book for the protection of God’s Creation – nature is addressed to the clergy, laity, and all people of goodwill who feel responsible for creation.

UDC 264.1: 504: 37.03

BLC: E37-121

P 75

The Book of Prayers for Environmental Conservation of the Byzantine-Slavonic Rite. “The Prayer Prayer: Seeing God’s Creation with New Eyes” in English. Publisching House Pe Birch A. E. – Uzhorod, 2013 – 106 p.

ISBN: 978-966-2668-30-8

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