Tenth-grader student in Uzhhorod is mastering IT to preserve the environment

Anastasiya Dobosh, a 10th grade student at Uzhhorod School named after V. Grenji-Donsky No. 6, consistently supports and spreads environmental initiatives among her schoolmates. She is an active participant in thematic eco-educational events at the school, which are co-hosted by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies.

In 2023, the schoolgirl wrote a research paper on forest cover monitoring in the Uzhgorod district, emphasizing the importance of preserving primeval forests. She explains how, applying your own devices, you can determine the extent of deforestation anywhere in the world.

Tenth-graders created the Google Earth App with the assistance of teacher Hanna Popovych during an extracurricular “Remote sensing” class. They were taught about determining the surface area of different parts of the world and about the NDVI index, which shows the amount of chlorophyll released by the forest during these classes. Students examined a variety of environmental initiatives, including the preservation of primeval forests, the protection of Svydovets, and the preservation of Lake Synevyr, which suffers from seasonal shoaling. It is considered the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Nature Park and one of the Ukrainian Carpathians’ visit cards, which is why it is included in Ukraine’s list of seven wonders.

Students also learned how to independently analyze the loss of forest cover in any area, research wildfires, and compare data from previous years using the Global Forest Watch app.

The Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies and the MGCE’s Ecological Commission are delighted to encourage and support young people’s environmental interests. We thank the active teachers and schoolchildren who do not remain indifferent to our planet!

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