Take care of primroses!

Many plant species of early spring row in the Synevyr National Nature Park: Crocus heuffelianus, snowdrop, spring snowflake, cowslip primrose, two-leaf squill, toothworts (Cardamine glandulosa), and others, most of which are Red Book species or have regional significance. They all need our protection. An environmental action “Save the primroses” was held on the territory of Synevyr by the children and visitors in order to preserve the unique early spring flora.

The purpose of the action is to draw public attention to the problem of protection of early flowering plants, to focus the efforts on practical actions – primroses protection. The participants of the event had the opportunity to observe a unique natural phenomenon, where early plants bloom on spacious meadows. Everyone realized that the beauty of primroses is better to admire in the natural environment.

Lyubov Grechyn, specialist of the Department of Ecological and Educational Work in Synevyr National Nature Park.

The event was held in cooperation with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies- IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.


Informational Service of IERS

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