Seminar-Meeting with Priests of the Perechyn Deanery of the IPCC on Responsibility for Waste Creation and Issues

Within the framework of the Waste Management – East project, seminars and meetings of representatives of the Infocenter and Ecology Commission of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese and Ecology and Migrants Commission of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine with the clergy continue. This time a seminar with priests of the Perechyn Deanery and teachers of biology at the Perechyn school was held in the village of Perechyn. Vorochevo.

The priests and teachers got acquainted with the work and new achievements of the Commission on Ecology of the IPCC, prospects for the work of the Church to solve environmental problems. Also involved in discussions, making suggestions for clergy cooperation and education representatives in educating the Christian environmental consciousness of children and adolescents (which is the most promising in our time for addressing environmental problems, since their outlook is only emerging and not conservative unlike older generations).

It is important to note that priests and educators are open to dialogue and concerned with the environmental issues of their area.

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