Responsible Waste Management Training Initiated and Conducted by Enchanted Land National Park

On March 10, 2020, a training course on responsible waste management was initiated and conducted by the Enchanted Territory National Nature Park with the support of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies at the Ilnitsk Gymnasium. The training aims to instill in the students the skills of responsible waste management for the purpose of creating a waste sorting system and the value of recycling it.

The park staff told the students about the problem of clogging, problems with garbage in our area, showed by example how the sorting process should take place, how long the rot of one or another debris lasted, taught children not to trash.
The purpose of the training was to provide eco-education for children and young people in the area of ​​responsible waste management and preservation of the natural environment, as well as the formation of responsibility for God-created nature – the nature from a young age.
The training involved about 30 students.

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The event was carried out within the framework of the International project: “Environmental education and raising environmental awareness in the Vayots-Dzor region of Armenia and the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine”, implemented by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (Uzhgorod) with Syunik development NGO (Vayots-Dzor) under the supervision of the Protestant Institute interdisciplinary research at the University of Gödelberg (FEST) and support from the Dessau Environmental Agency (Dessau).
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