Responsibility for the Creation and Sustainability of the Upper Potysse

The collection contains materials from an international scientific and practical seminar initiated by the Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Ukraine and Hungary. The materials relate to the joint search for solutions to the spiritual and educational parts of the Upper Potissas environmental society. The ideas of proposals of representatives of different denominations and social movements and intuitions in the direction of preservation of Creation in a unique region were collected. For ecologists, environmentalists, NGO activists, teachers and students of higher education institutions and the general public and the general public.

It is necessary to note that among the countries of Eastern and Central Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States only the Zakarpatska oblast’ of Ukraine (including Uzhhorod) is notable for founding and conducting conferences and seminars committed to continuing the ecumenical process of unity for the sake of saving the Creation in which representatives of the clergy of different denominations take part. It is optimistic that while organizing such forums we meet understanding and support from representatives of the authorities of all levels, science and education, environmental protection bodies, and just people of goodwill. Each participant of the conferences, by virtue of his/her knowledge, tries to bring in his/her contribution to the matter of saving the Creation, not depending on what political party, the body of authority, educational or scientific institution, he/she represents. Also, a good sign is a circumstance that hierarchies and the clergy of different denominations pray together and take an active part in the joint meetings and discussions of ways of solution of ecological problems, undertake the first steps in the concordance of plans of collaboration.

Our civilization did not exhaust all of its possibilities of turning to the strategy of sustainable development even because the potential of Churches and religions is not involved yet and this potential is very powerful. The secular and the spiritual parts of the society are obliged to collaborate, as Churches and religions cannot forget about the responsibility for the condition of the environment because an overwhelming part of the society is parishioners or supporters of one of many denominations. In the historical aspect, it was the Church that mobilized the people in difficult times for liberation fight, or vice versa, served as an instrument of colonization and enslaved peoples. And maybe now is the time for the Churches to take an active position and support the necessary initiatives on introducing the ideas of sustainable development for the sake of saving life on Earth. As humanity has already got very close to the threshold of ecological catastrophe, we consider the active interference of Churches and religions in all spheres of public life related to changing to sustainable development extremely necessary. We sincerely hope that this edition will benefit the difficult but extremely important joint activity of the society directed to saving the infirm equilibrium of Creation.

UDC 26/28: 502.3 (063)

BBK 86.3 (4UKR-43AK) +20.1 (4UKR-43AK)


Responsibility for the Creation and Sustainability of the Upper Potysia: International Materials. Research Practice seminar, Uzhgorod, May 16-17, 2008 / Commission on Ecology and Migrants of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine [and others]; ed. col .: OM Bokotey replied. ed. [etc.]. – Uzhhorod: V. Padiak Publishing House, 2010. – 110 p. : photo. – 1000 approx. – ISBN 978-966-387-023-6

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