Responsibility for the Creation and Energy Challenges of Today in Eastern Europe

The collection contains the materials of an international scientific and practical conference, which was held with the active participation of leading representatives of the spiritual and secular parts of society on an ecumenical basis. The materials collected relate to the major problems of today, both Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and the world at large, related to energy efficiency, energy conservation, and climate change. Another proposal to society to rethink ways and methods of getting out of the global ecological crisis is made by raising spirituality, developing Christian ecological ethics, moving away from the principles of consumer attitude towards God’s creation – nature. The importance of working for responsibility for the Creation of the Church and in the Church is emphasized. For ecologists, environmental workers, NGO activists, teachers, teachers and students of educational institutions, the general public and the general public, and all people of good will.

UDC 26/28: 502.3 (063)

BBK EZ-6L (o)


Responsibility for the Creation and Energy Challenges of Today in Eastern Europe: International Materials. Research Practice conf., Uzhgorod, May 6-11. 2011 / Commission. of ecol. and migrant conf. Roman Catholic bishops of Ukraine [and others]; ker. project of prof. Marcus Vogt; [resp. ed. Assoc. Alexander Bokotey]. – Uzhgorod: Carpathian Tower, 2011. – 125 p. : fig., table, photo – Bibliography. at the end of Art. – 1000 approx.

ISBN 978-966-8269-28-8

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