Name of the program (donor) Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany “Establishing cooperation with civil society in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia”
Project Title “Toleranz an den Grenzen Europas”
Sector Democracy
Area of ​​the project Ukraine, Germany
Duration of the project 01.07.2018 – 01.09.2019
Brief description The aim of the project is to develop an understanding of (about) active tolerance, which is not based on previous statements, but a willingness to constructively talk about various value perspectives and mentality. This immediate goal is primarily focused on scientific activity, due to which the network with political and civil actors is based not on a theoretical understanding of science, but on transformational science with the goal of generating knowledge.



  1. The following publications are prepared and printed
  • Fight for Ukraine. Defending the Right to Self-Determination and the Conflict of Geopolitical Interests: a Collection of Articles Translation into Russian)

  • Projective tolerance as a path to peace. Christian socio-ethical definition of tolerance as a conceptual basis of the project “Tolerance on the borders of Europe: Dimension for Ukraine”

  • Tolerance at the borders of Europe: a dimension for Ukraine. Materials of international scientific-practical conference
  1. The following events are conducted:
  • International scientific and practical conference “Tolerance at the European frontiers: the Dimension of Ukraine” (Uzhhorod, 4-6.10.2018)

International scientific and practical conference Tolerance at the European frontiers the Dimension of Ukraine

  • International conference in 2019.




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