Professor Matthew Temple

Genetic scientist, Carmelite order monk, teacher Nazareth College (city of Rochester, USA).

In May 2018 prof. M. Temple visited Uzhgorod for the first time, and delivered a series of lectures for Uzhgorod National University students at Uzhgorod National University. These were interesting and relevant lectures, which covered not only the history and prospects of research on the human genome, but also biological and medical aspects: I. “Human Genomics: History and Prospects”; II. Human Genomics: Biological Aspects, III. Human Genomics: Medical Aspects.

The Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies has been collaborating with Dr. M. Temple for several years in a row. During the collaboration, the scientist took part in many scientific and environmental education events and meetings.

In 2018 (from May 21 to May 27), prof. Temple, together with the staff of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Research, made a week-long scientific tour of the Higher educational institutions of the Kiev region

  • May 21, 2018 Seminar of the Department of Ecology of NaUKMA “Man, Religion and the Environment”, Interesting speakers, constructive discussion.

На изображении может находиться: 5 человек, люди улыбаются

Visit of professor of genetics Matthew Temple (Nazareth College, USA) to the Belotserkov Agrarian University. A lecture was held on the theme: “The ethical problems of GMOs: the danger to biodiversity and the agroecological aspect” for students and teachers of the university. For Professor Temple, meetings were organized with natural scientists. Accompanied by the vice-rector for educational, educational and international activities, Professor T.M. Dyman held negotiations on further scientific cooperation. (Https://

In spring 2019 prof. Matthew Temple was on a working visit to Uzhgorod again

  • 06/17/2019 Prof. participation Matthew Temple at the International Conference “From the Holocaust by Bullets to Auschwitz: Regional Dimensions of the Final Solution” (

  • Visiting artist – Academician V. Nikita

  • For an hour about professional prof. M. Temple repeatedly wrote that they guessed the future of the world:

  • Matthew Temple also just loves walking in Uzhgorod

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