Preparation and implementation of border, international and transnational projects

The methodological guide is intended to provide relevant knowledge in the field of project development, submission and implementation, as well as to gather and analyze relevant information on already implemented international projects, especially in the Transcarpathian region. The publication is intended to assist priests, seminarians, catechists, members of parish councils, volunteers and church administration staff, as well as all people of good will in the professional preparation and implementation of projects. The guide is also open to a wide range of people involved in the planning, financing and implementation of Transcarpathian and Ukraine development activities in general. This guide is designed as an online tool to help guide and assist in finding funding for specific events and projects. The manual does not claim to be complete – it was intended primarily for practical use as an auxiliary source of information. In particular, it provides guidance on where stakeholders can find more information on specific issues.

UDC 272 (273: 338.246.027 (477.87)

H P32

Methodological guide “Preparation and implementation of border, international and transnational projects” / UCladachi: Uliganinets Ya., Bokotey O. / edited by prof. Rene Matlovich – Uzhhorod – Presov, 2017. – 106 p.

ISBN 978-966-8269-41-9

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