Optimisation of Nature monitoring in protected areas of the Carpatians

This publication presents the principles of keeping “Chronicles of Nature” in reserves and national parks in Ukraine and Russia – a form of monitoring research; method and particularitis of recording results of primary phenological and other observations for a substantial supplementation of the centralized databas; method of performing observations of the most accessible natural objects (mostly zoologicall), which are traditionally carried out by employees of reservs forest service in the Estern Carpathians.

The book is intended for specialists of reserve management and studies, but may also be useful for forester of non-protected areas, nature conservationists of various ranks, students majoring in biology, geography, or forestry, and amateur naturalists.

ББК 28.59(4УКР)Л78

УДК 502.7:59. 002(477-924.52)

Alexey Lugovoy, Alexandr Bokotey. Optimisation of Nature monitoring in Protected areas of the Carpathians / by the editor Rene Matlovich. “Karpats`ka Vezha”, Uzhhorod – 2010.

ISBN 966-15-93-40-8

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