Methodological recommendations “Study, protection and attraction of bats in church buildings”

The Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS) has published a research work on bats. The Publishing and Production Enterprise “Missioner” published methodological recommendations on “Study, protection, and attraction of bats in church buildings” (Lviv).

The publication was based on the findings of biologists Andrii-Taras Bashta and Mykhailo Bilanych’s scientific research. Oleksandr Bokotey served as general editor for the publication. Nataliya Humen-Bilanych edited the publication, and Yurij Gandera designed the layout and typesetting. Vasylyna Kuklyshyn created the cover design.

The publication was a collaboration between IERS, the Interreligious Civil Environmental Forum of Eastern Europe, the Ecological Commission of MGCE, the Carpathian Ecology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the “Fauna” Association for the Study and Protection of Animals.

The biology of bats—in particular the species that colonize objects of churches, and its characteristics are discussed in the publication. The scientists examined risks to these animals’ populations and suggested ways to attract  people’s attention to their protection. The publication is intended for zoologists, ecologists, students of natural sciences departments of higher educational establishments, nature lovers and naturalists.

Methodological recommendations were prepared as part of the BAT4MAN project “Increasing environmental awareness of the local population through joint conservation of bats in the border areas of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine” with the joint financial support of the EU and the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU BundesverbandNABU International).

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