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Report on the Initiatives of the Ecology and Migrants Commission of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine and the Ecology Commission of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese at a seminar in Nyiregyháza (Hungary).



 on Creation Liability




Wednesday. March 3. At 9.30, classes with UzhBA seminarians were held at ZOENTS. The purpose of the lesson was to get acquainted with the activities of the National Educational and Scientific Center, aimed at educating young people’s environmental awareness. The lecture was attended by about 25 seminarians and UzhNU staff: Assoc. Bokotey OM, Bilanich MM
The lecture was given by the director of ZOENTS O. Gerevich and the associate professor UzhNU Alexander Bokotey. The importance of environmental education and upbringing in society, the importance of the participation of Christian churches in the education of the environmental consciousness of man, were substantiated for the seminarians. Also, students of UzhBA were shown 3 documentaries about the activities of ZOENTS in the field of nature protection and educational work with student youth and about the global environmental challenges of today. ZOENTS is a leader in the development of environmental education for youth among all state and non-governmental organizations of Transcarpathian region. During the meeting the ways and directions of cooperation between the institutions were outlined, it was planned to take part in the organization and holding of summer environmental camps.
In addition, a short excursion to the Young Naturalists Station was held for the seminarians, where students became interested in a “live corner” with a variety of exotic animals: aquarium fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.
The organizers and seminarians liked the lesson and it is planned to continue the cycle of such educational activities.


March 24. 8.30-10.00


on the topic:

UzhBA seminarians present at the lectures:

II course

1. Vasko Ivan

2. Paul Garmash

3. Egreshi Alexander

4. Mochan Ivan

5. Sarah Alexander

6. Andrey Turner

7. Firtsak Sergiy

8. Dope Ivan

IV course

1. Your Ivan

2. Gazuda Peter

3. Danko Yaroslav

4. Kadar Vasily

5. Kenise Andrew

6. Kish Michael

7. Kuzma Vasily

8. Man Paul

9. Pevse Sandor

10. Victor Pigan

11. Petra Vasily

12. Kidney Taras

13. Paul’s checkers



Bilanych MM
1. Introduction
Bokotey OM
2) Ecology, environmentalism and the responsibility for creation;
3) The need to change the environmental (environmental) consciousness of man.
4) The story of the Conferences on Creativity Responsibility held in Europe;
5) Introducing UzhBA students to the environmental direction of CCEE and CESE organizations (a specialized website that provides information on important activities for responsibility for the Creation of the Catholic Church in Europe).
6) Acquaintance with conferences and achievements of Ukraine in the field of cooperation of Christian churches and other religions with state and non-governmental organizations.
7) Explaining to the seminarians the importance of ecological pilgrimage for environmental protection;
8) A call for cooperation.

Bokotey O., Bilanich M., UzhBA students
9) Discussion, conclusions.



Tuesday. March 30. 19.00 A lecture was held for young people during the catechesis of young people (14-28 years old) in the Greek Catholic Church named after M. St. Michael the Archangel (Dokuchaev St., Uzhgorod). Lecture topic “Christian Church Initiatives in Addressing the Environment (Responsibility for Creation)”. Assoc. Bokotey OM made a general overview of the eco-initiatives of the Christian Churches of Europe on accountability for Creation. The youth were also briefed on the initiatives of the UGCC Bureau of Ecology, the Ecology and Migrants Commission of the Roman Catholic Conference of Bishops of Ukraine, and the Ecology Commission of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese.
Bilanych MM justified the initiative to publish a collection of prayers for the conservation of the environment. In this collection, which is completed by a group of compilers, prayers are collected to preserve the environment of different denominations, different peoples from different continents. Emphasis is placed on ecumenical responsibility for the Creation, regardless of affiliation with a particular denomination.
Then the priest Fr. Vasily Blyashin made the closing statement on the basis of Scripture and Holy Tradition on the interrelation of human spirituality and the state of the environment. At the end of the meeting, a documentary film “Garbage Garden” filmed in Egypt was held for all present. The film raised the problems of the spiritual condition of the population of the town, whose economy was based on garbage sorting. It also touched on the environmental problems of the city and demonstrated the impact of conversion of man to God on cultural and economic growth in society, as well as the improvement of the environmental state of the population.


On April 10-11, 2010, the All-Ukrainian Seminar “Old Tree Conservation” was organized in Kyiv, organized by the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center. Such a seminar was held in Ukraine for the first time. 25 people took part in its work, presenting public organizations, scientific institutions, universities and schools of Ukraine. During the seminar, more than three dozen reports and presentations on various aspects of the protection of old trees were heard, and a round table was held to discuss this pressing issue. During the seminar it was noted that centuries old (over 100 years) and ancient (over 500 years) trees are the outstanding historical, cultural and natural wealth of Ukraine. They have enormous historical, aesthetic, patriotic, memorial, educational, environmental, ethical and religious values.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian public environmental organizations and regional state administrations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, with a few exceptions, pay little attention to the identification, conservation and preservation of age-old trees. As a result of this indifference, dozens of unique ancient trees have died in Ukraine over the last 15 years – from lightning, arson, locals, felling, and more. The total number of protected ancient and other prominent trees in Ukraine is ten times smaller than in countries such as Poland, Italy or the United Kingdom.

In order to identify the real state of unique trees in Ukraine, identify new natural monuments and correct the available information, the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center, in cooperation with the State Service of the Conservation Affairs of the Ministry of Nature of Ukraine in 2009-2010, conducted an all-Ukrainian inventory of ancient trees and a competition for the title Ukraine ”. In the regions, this action was facilitated by local NGOs. In the Transcarpathian region, part of the information about the ancient trees of the region, together with the public organization “Clean Coast” (Beregovo), were also held by activists of the Ecology and Migrants Commission of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine (Assoc. Prof. Bokotei Alexander) and the Ecology Commission of Mukachevo Grecian Catholic Diocese (Assoc. Prof. Bokotei Alexander, Kish Roman N.S., Bilanych Mikhail) who conducted measurements and photographs of old trees in Uzhgorod.

In order to engage the wider population, a participant in the seminar, Alexander Bokotey, made a presentation and unique suggestions. Noting the significant role of the Church in the life of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine (in particular, the Transcarpathian region), O. Bokotei initiated to involve the leading denominations of the country in the study and preservation of age-old trees. He voiced proposals to appeal to the heads of the relevant commissions of the Catholic Church in Ukraine, calling on them to join in a divine action. It should be noted that in the territories around the sacred structures of the country there are a large number of unique trees that need conservation and care, and which can serve as a clear example of a real case for environmental conservation. The Ecological Commission of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese plans to establish a register of age-old trees in the territory of the sacred structures belonging to the diocese. Oleksandr Bokotey expressed confidence that this initiative will be understood by the leaders of the leading denominations of Transcarpathia, and therefore the initiative will be taken up by other dioceses and parishes of Ukraine.


The annual meeting of the Working Group on Climate Change took place in Kyiv on April 9-10. In general, the meeting facilitated the dissemination and clarification of the WG position, personal acquaintance with government officials, who are in one way or another responsible for climate change issues, acquaintance with and involvement of new NGOs and experts in the WG.

A representative of the Ecology Commission of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese and the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine Oleksandr Bokotey were heard at the meeting of the working group. He informed those present about the Initiatives for Responsibility for the Creation of the Catholic Church in Europe and Ukraine. Further cooperation is also planned between the organizations representing the WG and the relevant commissions of the Catholic Church in Ukraine. In particular, the participants were invited to publish the materials in the collection of materials of the international seminar “Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly Energy Supply from the Perspective of Christian Responsibility for Creation”, held in Uzhgorod on 11-13.02.2010. Subsequently, representatives of the organizations present at the meeting expressed their agreement to provide information materials, including on climate change for the Uzhgorod Information Center.

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