Kolochava school received informational stands showing to local inhabitants the need for separate collecting and sorting waste

It is very sad, that such a negative phenomenon as throwing out domestic waste into rivers or forest tracts occurs among indifferent people. The Nature needs centuries to process this trash. Almost everyone already knows that plastic bottles are being decomposed within 100 years, other plastic products – 400 years, plastic bags – 20 years, textile – 3 months, paper – 3 weeks… The garbage problem is nationwide and needs to be solved immediately. At the same time, we can really change the situation right now.


The appropriate public garbage removal services, along with separate collection of solid domestic waste are extremely important in the villages of Tereblya river valley. But how can we solve the problem properly? The representatives of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies and employees of Synevyr National nature park tried to answer  this question during a meeting at Kolochava school  (institution of general I-III degrees secondary education) which is located in Khust district. The above mentioned eco-activists presented 2 info stands, showing proper ways of separate collecting and sorting the garbage.


Mykhaylo Kyy,  director of the school and vice-director Vasyl Hleba expressed sincere thanks to the guests for their special attention in the issues of nature protection and ecological education of the youth. The school management together with pupils are also doing a lot in this sphere. For example, boxes for separate sorting have recently been installed here.

Here it should be mentioned, that info stands have been presented and set up to the school in Kolochava within the frames of project «Church and NGOs for environmental education in national parks» jointly conducted by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies together with Synevyr National nature park in cooperation with German Nature Conservation Union (NABU ) and with support of the Ministry for foreign affairs of Germany.

Informational service of IERS


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