In Zhitomir began to produce paper from fallen leaves

At a cardboard plant in Zhytomyr, a trial batch of fallen paper was made.
Organic waste has been transformed into valuable material by the technology of Ukrainian student Valentin Frechko, who last year won the Grand Prix of the Contest of inventors in the USA, reports
During the production process, crushed and peeled leaves are boiled in huge vats. Raw material is heated to only 40 degrees, so no harmful substance is released into the air.
The resulting mass moves along the conveyor to remove moisture, gradually loses moisture, stretches and becomes either smooth paper or eco-friendly packaging for products.
Eggs, beverage tubes, and kraft paper scrolls were made from “sheet” paper at the Zhytomyr enterprise.
“My 50% paper consists of waste paper and 50% fallen leaves,” he says. – I have won eight different competitions, in particular in Kenya, Tunisia, France – everyone likes the idea because it can be turned into rubbish.
At the cardboard mill Valentina Frecka spends all her free time. “The invention of leaf paper was the easiest step of all,” he says. “Science is very far from business.”
It took two years from the invention to receive the first industrial batch. “Fibers made from leaves are capable of maintaining a shape no worse than wood,” says Sergey Rudkovsky, Deputy Director General of Cardboard Mill. “This material can become a tube, an egg pack, a flowerpot and return eight times for business.”

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