Geocoin: supporting peace in Ukraine

This Geocoin medal is an expression of the friendly concern of our long-term partner NABU for the possibilities of sustainable work and development of environmental issues in Ukraine. Thanks to such a coin, benefactors of NABU (Germany) will be able to support the activities of IERS, especially since our eco-educational projects for young people created new opportunities in the conditions of the war; they became a means of recovery and rehabilitation for numerous children of IDPs and sometimes their parents who were involved in ecological education.

Excursion to the park of the Uzhhorod Castle
Bird watching on the city lake
Workshop on making an art herbarium

The team of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies ( IERS, Uzhhorod, ) is sincerely grateful to the German Nature and Biodiversity Union (NABU Bundesverband) for their support in difficult times when such care is a measure not only of military or humanitarian aid from Europe but also of confidence in the future of Ukraine. After all, ecological values ​​and nature protection efforts are most associated in Ukraine with the future peaceful life. The evidence is the aid is aimed at preserving the natural environment and strengthening people’s hopes for a peaceful future. It is not for nothing that the emblem of the coin is the dove of peace/hope for the Salvation of people, the Ark, and the planet from the flood.

Thanks to NABU, the production of Ukraine Geocoin was initiated in order to collect additional funds for the involvement of children and youth in eco-educational activities, including internally displaced persons and especially those with the traumatic experiences of military activities.

Geocoin LE (250 copies)
XLE geocoin (20 copies)

Geocoin was created in two different versions. The black nickel LE coins were ordered in a limited edition of 250 at a fixed price of €25, while the XLE edition of 20 is carried out at the highest rates as a reward for the largest donation. The team of  IERS  expresses its sincere gratitude to NABU and Mr. Jörn Thebille and Mario Kahn (LaserLogoShop) for the implementation of this initiative and support in difficult times.

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