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Interreligious Climate Summit “Climate, Faith and Hope: Traditions of Faith Together for a Common Future”
Summit resolution:

As members of different faiths and religious traditions, we work together to express our deep concern about the effects of climate change on the Earth and its inhabitants, and our faith motivates us to share responsibility. Climate change is truly a threat to life, a precious gift that we have received and must care for. We recognize compelling scientific evidence that climate change is caused by human activities and that without global and comprehensive action to mitigate and detect it. its fundamental causes, its consequences will continue to grow in intensity and frequency. At the same time, we are ready for a dialogue with those who were previously skeptical.

In our environment and thanks to the media, we notice the manifestations of climate change everywhere. From our brothers and sisters around the world, we hear about the effects of their impact on people and nature. We recognize that these effects disproportionately affect the lives, livelihoods and rights of the poor and disadvantaged and, therefore, the most vulnerable, including indigenous peoples. When those who have done the least to bring about climate change are the ones most affected, it becomes a problem of injustice. Restoration of justice is essential.

We recognize that climate change is a major obstacle to poverty eradication today. Difficult weather conditions increase hunger, cause economic instability, force displacement and hinder sustainable development. The climate crisis concerns the survival of mankind on planet Earth, so it should be a reason for urgent action. areas of climate change, combating their own consumption patterns and reducing fossil fuel reductions.

Based on our religious faith and our hope for the future, we are committed to awakening the conscience and encouraging all people and communities to realize the need for such action as a matter of urgency.

We share the belief that the threats of climate change cannot be effectively curbed by a single state, but only by a quality cooperation of the community of states based on the principles of mutual trust, honesty and impartiality, caution, fairness between generations and common but differentiated responsibilities and possible . We call on the rich to help the poor and vulnerable substantially and everywhere, especially in the least developed countries, small island nations and sub-Saharan Africa. Generous financial resources, job creation, technology transfer and other forms of cooperation will be important support.

We call on the Heads of State and Minister present at the Climate Summit to publicly announce the pledge of contributions to the Green Climate Fund, including commitments to increase them in the future, in order to establish new partnerships to adapt to climate change and development. characterized by low carbon emissions and ensuring access to renewable energy for all people. As people of faith, we urge all governments to commit to limiting global warming to below 2 ° Celsius.

We emphasize that all states have a responsibility to develop and implement low-carbon development strategies that will lead to decarbonisation and the complete abandonment of fossil fuels by the middle of the century. joint actions, such as important short-term emission reductions, the phasing out of fossil fuel subsidies, coal lying close to the surface or the extraction of coal investments, forest protection, energy efficiency in construction and transportation, and other concrete steps.

We also call on all governments to identify medium- and long-term adaptation needs and to develop strategies to address them, based on gender initiatives and approaches, to better manage residual losses and losses from adverse climate impacts. In conclusion, we ask all states to work towards a far-reaching global climate agreement in Paris in 2015, based on transparency, adequacy and accountability. The new agreement must be: proactive enough to keep temperatures from rising below 2 ° C, fair enough to distribute the burden on a fair basis, and confirmed by law (at the legislative level) to ensure that an effective national climate policy limits emissions. fully funded and implemented. As religious representatives and citizens of the international community, we are committed to addressing the threat of climate change.

We continue to count on your leadership, we encourage and hope that you make the right decisions. We are ready to support you in making difficult decisions to ensure the safety of the Earth and its people. We pray for you and for all mankind, caring for the future of the Earth. New York, September 21, 2014.

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