Fight for Ukraine. Defending the Right to Self-Determination and the Conflict of Geopolitical Interests: a Collection of Articles

The Institute of Theology and Peace studies the ethical foundations of the peacekeeping system and incorporates them into the current discourse of world politics. The purpose of research on the ethics of the world is to examine in depth the different perspectives on foreign and security policy issues. What is most important is determining what kind of policy can help people at risk of violence, poverty and deprivation of liberty, in which everyone will be guaranteed security, justice and respect for human rights.

UDC 327: [323: 341.231]] (477) ”20 ″


Edited by prof. H.-G. Justenhofen; Translation from German / Ans. ed. A. Bokotey, Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies. – Uzhgorod, 2019, Carpathian Tower Publishing House, – 243 pages.
The collection was translated within the framework of the project “Tolerance at the Borders of Europe”, in partnership with the Department of Christian Ethics, Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU, Munich, Germany). The project (ZMV I 6-2518AA0143 (FKZ)) was made possible with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AA).

ISBN – 978-966-8269-48-6

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