EU4Environment launches trainings on RECP activities for 15 enterprises in Belarus

2021 started off with a series of brief training sessions on the RECP methodology in Belarus. Part of the RECP training and demonstration assessments process for enterprises, 15 new Belarusian companies benefited from intensive training on 19 and 21 January 2021, organized by the National RECP Centre in Belarus. The Centre actively works on raising awareness on resource efficiency and on cleaner production. Following the series of informational events, it received applications from enterprises interested in having their production and environmental activities evaluated using the UNIDO RECP methodology. The Belarusian enterprises that were selected to participate in the European Union-funded project “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” of the EU4Environment Action mainly activate in the machine-building, food, construction industries, as well as in the newsprint and textiles manufacturing sectors.

The working groups were set up at the demonstration plants, consisting of specialists involved in environmental protection, rational use of resources, materials and technologies, energy efficiency, and waste management. The trainee experts which were coached by the Centre at the first of three stages of the training on the application of RECP methodology in autumn 2020, have already started collecting data from those enterprises. As a consequence, the analysis results will then make it possible to develop material, water and energy balances for the enterprises, to identify the most energy and resource-intensive processes they use, and to find sources of losses in managing resources.

Moreover, on 19 January 2021, the Company “Svetopribor”, a manufacturer of electrical products, held a working meeting with the RECP Centre’s experts to be coached on the company’s group of trainees in learning about the main RECP techniques. Such techniques focused on curtailing the use of materials, energy and water, while minimising waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The working meeting was followed a brief online workshop on 21 January, where the trainee groups of Brest Distillery “Belalko”, JSC “Zdravushka-milk”, Borisov bakery plant, JSC “David-Gorodok Electromechanical Plant”, Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Products Plant, RUE “Newsprint plant”, textile factory “Bugtextile”, and JSC ” Bobruisk meat processing plant” discussed new means to address various structural units of the enterprise and further embrace the RECP methodology.

Published on January 22, 2021

EU4Environment launches trainings on RECP activities for 15 enterprises in Belarus

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