Environmental ethics – The place of man in nature

This book is a compilation of currentdiscussion papers on environmental ethics in Germany and Europe. The book is divided into three parts. The first deals with the topics of the future nature in terms of tasks social and social and political responsibility. It is about how significant nature can be as an ethical landmark for modern science and society. The focus is on the idea of ​​sustainable development, the protection of nature as an integral part of the concept of justice, a prosperous life and, thus, a new concept of progress is being developed. How the state can and should act in this direction, in addition to the fact that by introducing payments to regulate the freedom of action of many persons involved in the economy, society and science, this is one of the most pressing questions raised above all by the political and legal development of Germany.

UDC 504.03


 Environmental ethics. The place of man in nature. // Collection of materials prof. Marcus Vogt (Ludwig Maximilian University). – Translated from German. – Uzhgorod: Ed. Carpathian Tower, 2012. – 250 p.


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