Ecological training “The forest is our treasure!”


Today a wonderful and interesting eco-training was held with the pupils of the 7th and 9th grades of the Turya Bystra Gymnasium. The topic of the training was “The forest is our treasure”. The problems of deforestation and poaching were also discussed. As usual, the children proposed the ways to solve global problems. It turns out that many pupils have already been familiar with this issue.

The forest has always played a great role in human life. Today, the importance of forests is only increasing due to the fact that their number is significantly reducing, so the children were informed about the care and reproduction of forests, their importance for humans. The pupils were shown the benefits of forests in order to instill a respectful attitude to forests and deepen the knowledge of nature in the younger generation.

Finally, the children drew posters under the slogan “Say no to deforestation and poaching.” By the way, the entire village population, including students of this school, continue to sort garbage. There is even a press for bottles. And all this is done thanks to the efforts of activists, including the teacher Halyna Babuka, who was the organizer of the training. Eco-games and eco-trainings are held within the framework of the project “Let’s protect forests – environmental activities of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus”.

The project has been implemented by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (headed by Oleksandr Bokotey) in cooperation with the Green Freedom Ecosocial Association (Michal Chomiuk, Poland) with the participation of the MGCE Commission on Ecology. It is co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation under the RITA program – “Changes in the Region”, implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation.

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