Volunteers’ children and migrants in Uzhgorod were given ecological tales and coloring books published in cooperation with NABU

Today has been a blessed day, as the staff of the Interreligious Civil Environmental Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) has the idea and opportunity to give children some of the publications in the framework of IRCEF volunteering. Part of the selected books “Ecological tale: Bats” and a coloring book “Carpathian forest – is your friend. The trails of the Synevyr National Nature Park were donated to the volunteers’ children who are currently working in the Transcarpathian Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity.

The rest of the books were given to the children of the refugees at the Uzhhorod checkpoint.

In addition, on March 4, part of the books “Carpathian Forest – is your friend” and coloring books “How does Maryanochka behave in the forest” were given to the children of temporary migrants who work with F. Potushnyak Transcarpathian Regional Library.
All publications have been prepared in the framework of long-term cooperation with the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU).

Informational Service of IRCEF

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