Ecological soap for the military of Ukraine from the children of Transcarpathia in partnership with NABU

It isn’t the first time that students of Velykoroztotska Secondary School (Transcarpathia, Ukraine), led by the school principal and IRCEF leading expert Natalia Stetso, help vulnerable groups Today they prepared ecological soap for the army of Ukraine. Velykoroztotska Primary School and Dubrivsky Secondary School of 1st-3rd degrees, which are located on the outskirts of the National Park “Enchanted Land” and are active participants in various environmental activities in projects with the partnership and support of NABU. Children cook soap with the addition of essential oils, mint, honey, chocolate, and chamomile, of course, supervised by experienced tutors. Food dyes were used to provide appropriate odors for environmentally pure products.

The children also drew pictures for the soldiers on the front line with wishes to take care of themselves and to win over the enemy as soon as possible.
Residents of Kharkiv, Myroslav, and Makara Bilykiv, had their house smashed by Russian aerial bombs, and they, like other refugees, found a shelter in the families of concerned residents of Velyka and Mala Roztoka. The guys are convinced that soon our army will defeat the Russians and will return to their native Kharkiv, which they tried to portray in their drawings. We all have a responsibility to help the boys make their dreams come true.

Sets of soap and children’s drawings will be handed over to the defenders of our Motherland as soon as possible. We truly thank Natalia Stetso for her dedicated and fruitful work with children, and other participants. The results of the event are handmade ecological soap and drawings for our defenders.

The event was held as part of a long-term partnership between the Interreligious Civil Environmental Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) and the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU).


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