Ecological activity event «Clean Transcarpathia – clean Ukraine» was held in the Residence of MGCE bishops


Our nature is unique and inimitable. That is why all of us wish to preserve its beauty and virginity for future generations, and our desire is huge and irresistible. Every single day this task seems to be more and more complicated. However, prevention of environmental pollution is not a matter of one single day, but a long lasting process. We have to deal with this problem by joining the whole society and will make it possible only together. Separate efforts has not been working in this situation, only the joint work of all the people for the purpose of preventing environmental pollution and solving existing problems will save our nature and bring it out of  stagnation.

On October 28th, 2021 special ecological event was held on the territory of MGCE  Bishops’ residence in Uzhhorod.  Youth Christian organization “Light of the World” and the parish of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ organized it for pupils of Khust schools. Participants made a solemn ceremony of handing over plastic bottle caps, collected by children to the staff of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies. Thus, by such actions this plastic will not harm the environment, but will be used as a raw material for other useful things of our everyday life.

IERS experts Ivanna Trofymenko and Andriy Donichenko made a brief speech on nature conservation, ways of processing bottle caps and handing over batteries and their utilization. Ivanna Trofymenko drew the pupils’ attention to the fact that environmental pollution has a negative impact on human health. The experts told and discussed with the children how to behave and what to do with sorted waste.

After useful presentation, the children had a meeting with Andriy Donichenko, together they played a board eco-game “Waste Sorting”, which aims to consolidate the skills of waste sorting, and then they tried to improve the tourist attractiveness of Transcarpathia! During the game, the expert stressed the attention to necessity of proper disposal of different equipment, and at the end of the event children had a great opportunity to make a simple bird feeder.

The children were active and totally involved into the activities. Therefore, special thanks should be expressed to the organizers: Very Reverend Father Volodymyr Babych, Administrator of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ Greek Catholic Church, Khust and the head of the Light of the World NGO, Anna Miller. The event was conducted within the framework of the project “Youth School of Sustainable Development of the Carpathians”, implemented by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies in cooperation with German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) with the support of VGP Foundation (project supervisor – Ivan Tymofeiev).

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