CONFERENCE «Church and NGOs for environmental education in national parks»



within the project of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU)

«Church and NGOs for environmental education in national parks»


within the project of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU)

«Church and NGOs for environmental education in national parks»

 Venue and time of the Conference: Ukraine, Trankarpathian region, Khust district, village Synevyr-Ostriky, 1626, visit – center of Synevyr National Nature Park, November 02-06, 2021.

The project aims to spread the idea of the value and protection of the Carpathians’ nature as an important component of the European continent’s nature among youth and locals through the common efforts of religious organizations, NGOs, educational institutions and local governments in Transcarpathia. The development of appropriate methods in educational institutions will ensure the sustainability, multiplication, and duration of the project results.

An important result is the development and approbation of children’s environmental education program for indirect influence on the inhabitants of environmentally protected areas, their involvement in the protection of the Carpathians’ nature. This will fill up the national education program for sustainable development in local, secular, and religious schools, strengthen the cooperation based on the teachers’ authority and the Church in the village, NGO activity, knowledge of ecologists, National Parks, and that will be an example of community cohesion.

The objectives of the international conference in Ukraine: based on previous consultations and experts’ knowledge of NABU, IERS, National Parks, local ecological NGOs, and communities, it’s necessary to:

  • present educational printed and video products of the project (collection of educational programs for children “Learn, love and protect the nature of the native land”, ecological and church calendars of Eastern and Western ceremonials, the methodical handbook “Church in the national park”, the coloring book “Carpathian forest is your friend “) as a summarizing of the experience of children’s environmental education in religious and local communities in National Nature Parks;
  • present the results and winners of the competition of methodical ideas and ways of their extensions;
  • cover and involve the target groups of influence in the project results – leaders of public opinion and churches, self-government, journalists, teachers, and other multipliers;
  • define formats of expansion of gained experience in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.

Delegates from the Natural Reserve Fund of Ukraine, Environmental Protection Departments of Churches as well as the representatives of NGOs, educational organizations, authorities, media, and science of Ukraine and Germany, are invited to the international conference.

 Opening of the international conference: Tuesday, November 2, afternoon.

Closing of the international conference: Saturday, November 6, morning.

Travel expenses, accommodation, and meals for the participants who are invited will be reimbursed from the project by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The number of participants and modalities of the Conference will be followed by strict compliance with all requirements and limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine and the region.


in Germany                                                        in Ukraine

Tymofeiev Ivan


Charitéstraße 3

10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30.28 49 84-1712

E-Mail: [email protected]

Kulya Nataliya

Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS)

A. Bachynskoho Sq., 1a



Phone: +38(0)95-72-91-700

E-Mail: [email protected]


NOVEMBER 2, TUESDAY (Ivan Tymofeiev)

 23:45-24:00 Arrival of German partners in Lviv and check-in at the hotel Lvivska Str. 62, 79491 Bryukhovychi (contact Fr. Mykola Biskup)


 NOVEMBER 3, WEDNESDAY (Ivan Tymofeiev/ Nataliya Dyman)

09:00 Breakfast

10:30 Tour around Lviv, Nataliya Dyman

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Departure from Lviv to Transcarpathia

17:00 Meeting with ecological activists of Borzhava protection (Pylypets village, contact Fr. Oleksandr Pantlyk)

18:30 Dinner. Ecological products and ecological handicrafts as a part of environmental education and ecological tourism: masterclasses

21:00 Free time

NOVEMBER 4, Thursday (Alexander Bokotey)

(visit-center of Synevyr National Nature Park)

 08:30 Breakfast

09:30 Registration of participants

10:00 Biblical Meditation “Creation” and the ecological liturgy, Yuriy Babichyn

10:10 Opening of the conference, Boris Tikhomirov/Ivan Tymofeiev (NABU)

10:20 Greetings:

  • Mykola Derbak, director of the Synevyr National Nature Park;
  • Bishop Nil, Chairman of Ecological Commission of Mukachevo Greek Catholic Eparchy;
  • Bishop Antal Majnek, Chairman of Ecological Commission of Roman Catholic Church;
  • Rebecca Harms, Deputy Chairman of Commission of Environmental Protection, Deputy of the European Parliament (2004-2019), Senior Adviser of the “Eastern Partnership Plus” project at the Center of Liberal Modernism, Green Party, Germany;
  • Michael Vogel, Honorary President of ALPARC, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Department of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU International);
  • Wilhelm Kulke, former Special Representative of the Federal Environmental Fund of Germany in Eastern Europe;
  • Petro Zharkovskyj, President of Caritas Spes Ukraine;
  • Muftiy Rustam Gafuri, Spiritual Administration of Muslims in Ukraine;
  • P Serhiy Sukhariev, Head of Ecological Department of Uzhhorod National University;
  • Andriy Soyma, director of Uzhansky National Nature Park;

10:40 The main goals, objectives, and previous results of the project, a call for discussion of project ideas. Project Coordinator Nataliya Kulya, IERS / Head of IERS Alexander Bokotey

11:00 Interreligious Council for Carpathians Nature Preservation and Public Council under the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine as the important result of cooperation with NABU (Kirchenproject), DBU, LMU, Alexander Bokotey (IERS/IRCEF)

11:15 Souvenir photo (prayer for the responsibility of Creation is offered, interview with mass media)

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Unique media results of BAT4MAN, VGP, MFA projects on COVID myth-busting (Mykhailo Bilanych, IRCEF)

12:15 Discussion

12:25 The Women’s Movement of the Church for Carpathians Nature Preservation as an important ecologically educational outcome of the project (Iryna Shyshkina)

12:40  Discussion

12:50 Specifics and needs of environmental education work with national minorities and vulnerable groups and plans for the future. Bogdan Motuzenko / Adam Duchu (IRCEF)

13:05  Discussion

13:15 “Green Parish” as a logical outcome of the result of the parishes’ movement for Carpathians Nature Preservation (Mykhailo Bilanych, IRCEF)

13.00 Lunch

 14:00 Presentation of demonstration and education materials for youth: information stands for educational institutions on responsible waste management/green classrooms, Yuriy Babichyn (Synevyr National Nature Park)

15:00 Field approbation of potential ecologically informative footpaths for youth

15:00 Wild Lake in the wilds of primeval forests of  Pishkonya Ridge

17:00 Black River and unique museum of rafting in Europe

19:00 Wrap-up the first day of the Conference

19:30 Dinner

20:30 Free time

NOVEMBER 5, FRIDAY (Alexander Bokotey)

(visit- center of Synevyr National Nature Park)

 08:30 Breakfast

09:30 Ecological meditation «Creation», Fr. Borys Starosta

09:40 Upper Tisa region – the impact of educational campaigns on the change of environmental behavior of youth and the whole community on the example of the river littering (Ivanna Trofymenko / Alexander Bokotey)

09:55 Discussion

10:05 Goals achievement of Sustainable Development by the project products. Nataliya Makhonina / Nataliya Kulya, IERS

10:20 Discussion

10:30 The importance of environmental education for Carpathians Nature Preservation (Michael Vogel, NABU)

10:50 Discussion

11:00 Coffee break

11:30  Round table of the experience exchange and ecologically education activities on the territories of the Carpathian Natural Reserve Fund with a borrowing of German leading experience (Ivan Tymofeiev)

Participants: employees of Natural Reserve Fund facilities, scientists, educators, clergy

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Practical use of ecologically education and instruction methods for youth in nature: in the biotopes of Lake Synevyr and Mount Ozernaya

16:30 Field approbation of potential viewpoints for nature observation in Synevyr National Nature Park as an educational and instructional method

18:00 Wrap-up the second day of the Conference

18:30 Dinner

 19:00 Folk music night

21:00 Free time

NOVEMBER 6, SATURDAY (Ivan Tymofeiev)

 07:00 Breakfast

07:30-11:30 Transfer to Lviv airport

13:40 Departure to Germany (Berlin)

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