Climate protection measures by religious and territorial communities (methodological recommendations and materials)

This guide presents the basics of climate protection activities addressed to religious community activists, priests, NGO members, and environmental movements to work together on local community responsibility for Creation. The manual summarizes the Western experience of the Church’s involvement in climate protection, adapting it to patrimonial conditions. Environmental, theological and expert reasoning is accompanied by a description of possible ways of successful organization of climate action that are available to ordinary people in everyday life. The manual contains examples of applied environmental work and recommendations for cooperation of local communities for the implementation of the principles of mass environmental education and activities.

UDC 27: [502.171: 551.58]] (072)


Climate protection measures by religious and territorial communities: Guidelines and materials, Uzhgorod, Karpatska Vezha Publishing House, 2018, 93 p.

ISBN: 978-966-8269-47-2

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