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Climate change is the continuing crisis the world is experiencing since its discovery in the early 19th century, but any global discussion at this time has to start with COVID-19. These are the two existential crises humanity faces today and the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow in November cannot be put to the side as countries come to grips to manage the pandemic. Responding to one problem at a time is not going to change the present situation of bad to worse. Consolidated and complementing approaches are needed.

This is why engaging in COP26 matters, and Ecojesuit shares related stories on activities taking place as organizations and communities gather and engage.

GreenFaith International Network is coming together with global partners for a multi-faith Day of Climate Action on 11 March to call for bold and immediate action on the climate crisis with the theme Sacred People, Sacred Earth.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is partnering with the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 to host a webinar on 22 February, Keeping up the pressure: The role of faith communities in COP26. The forum recognizes that in this critical year for climate action, civil society must demand greater ambition from their national governments headed into COP26.

And to build regional momentum for COP26 and drive forward the regional implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement, the Regional Climate Weeks for 2021 and 2022 are being held and dates announced. The Regional Climate Weeks “will provide a platform for representatives of national and subnational governments, cities, the private sector, financial institutions and civil society to jointly discuss opportunities to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying opportunities to deploy ambitious measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to climate change.”

Ecojesuit will continue to share stories of climate action and encourage engagement with COP26. Keep posted for more information on related Ecojesuit COP26 activities. We look forward to comments and stories you wish to share, please contact us through [email protected], visit Ecostream, and follow Ecojesuit on FacebookTwitterYoutube, and Instagram.


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