Benefits of National Parks: Successful examples of community activities in national parks (guidelines and materials)

The guide presents recommendations for adapting to the new environmental conditions in which local communities were found in the territories of Synevyr, Uzhan National Nature Parks and Enchanted Territory National Nature Park in 2019 through the development of sustainable tourism in the region.

The guide takes into account German and pan-European experience, draws on real and potential cases from Ukrainian conditions and considers adaptation through the lens of sustainable tourism, which is one of the promising areas for the development of Transcarpathia and local communities. The principles of sustainable tourism, which harmoniously combine the recreational, recreational and educational function of tourism on the one hand, and on the other, the opportunities for economic development and care for nature, are considered key in the manual. They are a major factor in ensuring the sustainable use of local communities in the PFP. The guide is intended for a wide range of community and environmental activists, government officials, local government representatives, small and medium-sized businesses, grassroots locals and all goodwill.

UDC 502.211 (477.87-751.2): 352] -044.332]]: 338.485


Advantages of national parks: Successful examples of community activities in the territory of national parks: Guidelines and materials, Uzhgorod, Carpathian Tower Publishing House, 2019. – 123p.

ISBN 978-966-8269-47-9

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