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About the IERS

Problems of ecological vision of different religious traditions, cooperating with Christian churches and representatives of other religions, state and non-governmental public organizations. Such cooperation promotes the exchange of experience and traditions between Ukraine and other countries regarding the responsible attitude towards God’s creation – nature.


Acknowledging and perceiving nature as God’s gift is becoming more and more relevant in connection with growing environmental risks, the negative impact of human activity and increasingly large-scale climate changes. Our vision of ecology calls for a radical revision of the modern lifestyle of both individuals and communities as a whole.


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Our team

Oleksandr Bokotey

The head of the organization

Marta Mykhaylets

Expert in the development of eco-educational methods, trainer

Natalia Gumen-Bilanych

Poet, literary editor

Mykhailo Bilanych

Scientist, biodiversity conservation expert

Bohdan Motuzenko

Sociologist, analyst

Ruslana Jahman

Ornithologist, trainer

Iryna Shishkina

Communication expert, content manager, translator

Natalia Kulya

Project coordinator, expert in the implementation of cross-border and international projects

Yuriy Babichyn

Ecosystem services expert, trainer, journalist, writer


Polina Zabolotna

Copywriter, public relations manager

Location and contacts

The head office of IERS is located in the Episcopal Residence, in the heart of Uzhhorod

Follow up

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