The exhibition “Little Acrobats of the Night” opened in the National Park “Synevyr”

The global development of human civilization forces us to pay attention to the study and conservation of landscape and biological diversity of our planet Earth.
Bats are one of the most vulnerable biological creatures because they are key elements of the ecosystem that are directly responsible for controlling agricultural pests (consuming insects). The extinction of even one species of bats will lead to huge environmental losses and significant imbalances in the ecosystem.
In order to draw public attention to the protection of bats through the joint implementation of animal protection methods and awareness raising, the project “Raising environmental awareness in local communities through the joint conservation of bats in the natural regions of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine” ».
Currently, you can view and get acquainted with the materials of the exhibition in the administrative building of NNP “Synevyr”. Subsequently, this exhibition will be moved to all educational and public institutions in the region for the interest of the population.

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