Climate change – a challenge to the Churches in South Africa». Translation into Ukrainian

This document was prepared by the Climate Change Committee of the Council of Churches of the Republic of South Africa, administratively located under the auspices of the SACC (Western Cape). This document has been translated and published in the framework of the project “Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies: Scientific Foundations, Interfaith Communication and Pedagogical Principles of Christian Environmental Ethics” (UKR 19416) in collaboration with Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich, Germany) Germany)

This document really invites Christians – in priestly, prophetic, and ministry – to respond to the enormous challenges of climate change that we are dealing with. In order to live in a Christian way in the world, we must live with love and pay attention to what is happening around us. Renowned North American theologian Helmut Richard Neuburg argues that the first step to a conscientious Christian life is to pay attention to what is happening around. Climate change requires our attention. We must pay attention to this. Like those who adhere to the ideal of justice, peace, and the integrity of creation, we also pay attention to the situation of our environment. Thus, the priestly Christian life is an appeal and a manifestation of compassion. Such affection and caring attention is a manifestation of the love that God loves so much.

This document is an expression of love and concern for the God-created world, and testifies to the priestly care and compassion of the ecumenical movement for the God-created world, especially for the most vulnerable people, communities, and ecosystems.

The National Executive Committee of the Council of Churches of South Africa recognizes that climate change is not only a tragedy for people, but is changing the basis of survival on this planet. Bearing in mind the impact of climate change on food and water security, our lifestyle, our society, our health and well-being, the ecological system on which we depend, other creatures with whom we share God’s Creation, and therefore the National Executive Committee approved this document and invites everyone else to join such approvals

UDC 551.583: 21

Climate change is a challenge for South African churches. – Uzhgorod: Publishing House of FOP Breza AE, 2014. – 119 p.

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