Collection of Prayers for the Preservation of the Environment Byzantine-Slavic Rite (in Church-Slavonic)

The publication attempts to gather some of the prayers, psalms, biblical and liturgical texts, prayers of the Byzantine-Slavic rite, under the responsibility of God’s Creation. We believe that these spiritual texts will be useful for the development of Christian environmental awareness and the community movement for environmental protection. We believe that the environmental prayer book will help people of goodwill in the path of responsibility for Creation.

  1. Social and environmental crises are the consequence of the “impoverishment of love …”. In our opinion, the state of this world, the ecology of its nature, and the souls of its inhabitants are mutually enriched and strengthened by the power and energy of God, serving God by faith. And, on the contrary, the world is destroyed through the loss of faith in God and the loss of the gift of love by man.
  2. The reaction of the “corrupted” world to the pious opinion of the righteous. The pious opinion of the righteous, who have preserved love as the highest jewel and are trying to preserve nature, will become a dangerous rudiment for sages infected with sin, who will present the holy opinion as a sign of political incorrectness, intolerance, unpredictability, and instability, and even a threat to humanity.
  3. The ecological concept of the Orthodox Church. The leadership of the Orthodox Church promotes the development of cooperation with state environmental organizations.
  4. “The principle of Christian asceticism limits the needs of a person to the most essential for life.” One of the reasons for the ecological crisis is considered the rejection of the principles of Christian asceticism, which limits “human needs to the essentials for life.”

UDC: 243: 504: 291.37

BBK: 86.372.11-3-503.1


A collection of prayers for the preservation of the environment of the Byzantine-Slavic rite (in Church-Slavic language). – Uzhgorod, 2016. “Carpathian Tower”, -116 p.

 ISBN 978-966-8869-41-9

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