Educational institutions of Eastern Slovakia

The publication contains information about educational institutions in Eastern Slovakia: universities, high schools, secondary and drama schools, film schools, driving schools, hotel academies with detailed information about educational units, features of admission, organization of the academic year, educational programs, visa support, libraries, services; living conditions, health insurance, the benefits of studying at universities in the Slovak Republic, the Visegrad4 countries and the European Union, as well as much other useful information.

UDC 371 (437.6) (03)

BBK Ch34 (4Sla) i2


Natalia Kulia, Alexander Bokotey. Educational Institutions in Eastern Slovakia edited by prof. Rene Matlovich. – Uzhgorod – Prešov: publishing house Breza AE, 2015. – 115 p. 

ISBN 978-966-2668-90-2

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