Proceedings of the Eastern European Competition “In Responsibility for Creation”

An unusual publication summarizing the Competition for Responsibility for Creation by representatives of different ages from
Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. The Contest itself and this publication are intended to promote a responsible attitude to the environment based on Christian faith and ethics. Responsibility for Creation has no confessional restrictions and is ecumenical.
The works of the Contestants are designed to sanctify not only the Christian view of nature – the creation of God, but also directly point to major environmental issues (climate change, responsible waste management, ecosystem destruction, rapid urban growth, air and water quality, human health and etc.). Each of the works testifies to the indifference, inspiration, talent and skills of the author. We believe that this publication will serve the pastors, catechists, teachers of Christian ethics, and anyone who desires and works to cultivate an authentic Christian faith who wants to give a holistic and active witness to Jesus Christ throughout his earthly life, as well as to all people of good will They are not indifferent to environmental problems and are involved in solving them.

UDC 2-18: 27-426]: 113 (08)


Proceedings of the Eastern European Competition “In Responsibility for Creation”. Uzhhorot-Tbilisi-Minsk-Kisheniv. 2017 130 p. Soft cover.

 ISBN 978-966-8269-39-4

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